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Настолни игри

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Among Thieves е игра за измама и лакомия. Ще работиш заедно за да извлечеш информация от служители на високо ниво от най-големите корпорации в света. На никой обаче не може да се вярва. Спечели като събереш най-много пари, но внимавай – играчът с най-малко чест се елиминира.

Повече информация:

Each round one player is the Heistmaster. They will choose who to take on the heist with them. All of the players can offer whatever they want to go on the heist. The Heistmaster can accept whatever deal they want, but no promises are binding.

Once the team has been chosen, the players will simultaneously choose whether to be honorable or dishonorable. If every chooses honorable, you will flip over one card for each player. Each player on the heist will gain ISK equal to the total shown. If one or more players chose dishonorable, you will flip one card for each honorable player, but only the dishonorable player(s) will gain ISK. They will gain ISK equal to twice the total shown.
Finally, if anyone chose dishonorable, all the dishonorable players will lose 1 honor and all the honorable players will gain 1 honor.

Will you share the ill-gotten gains of your exploits or will you backstab your partners in crime and keep the money for yourself?

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